Graduate Researcher | Software Engineering Student | Communications Specialist

I’m a software engineering student and occasional graduate student in political science with a passion for problem solving, education and web development. While working on a PhD in Political Science, I’ve also nurtured a deep interest in technology and web programming through freelancing and personal projects. In addition, I’m the co-chair and technical lead for Drawdown Toronto, a young not-for-profit dedicated to promoting climate action.

More biographical information on LinkedIn.

Technical Skills

For examples of things I’ve made, see my portfolio:


  • Javascript (ES7+)
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • R

Some experience with C#, Python and Powershell.

Technology platforms and frameworks (highlights)

  • WordPress (incl. Gutenberg)
  • React/Preact
  • Vue 3
  • Strapi
  • node.js
  • Webpack

Interests and focus

  • Full-stack development: making things work both front and back
  • Information system design: Organizing, storing and presenting data
  • Web and UI design: Creating beautiful and intuitive designs
  • WordPress solutions: Creating themes and plugins to satisfy client needs
  • Accessibility: ARIA and WCAG

Additional experience with:

  • GraphQL
  • MS Graph
  • WebExtensions
  • PWA
  • Electron
  • Minecraft addons
  • Scripts for any application that enable it

Background Effects

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